How to use our LMS for your learning

In today’s unpredictable, complex and busy world, you are not going to let such distractions affect your educational or career goals. You need t be ahead of the competition and make the best use of your time.

Thanks to our digital platform “AHA” which stands for Asia-Pacific HR Academy, you don’t need to waste a single day of your learning and career journey. Our lecturers are fully aware of the difficulties the students face in online learning and have been trained to engage their students at a much deeper level using a variety of tools and best practices. 

Online Live Courses

These are the sessions conducted by our lecturers while the students and the lecturer is live. Each course is developed with a number of modules and each module consists of lessons. Each of these lessons are the framework for a single lecture. Students who miss the lecture can visit the AHA LMS and watch the recording of the video and learn. 

Online & On Demand Courses

These courses are designed, pre-recorded and placed on the AHA LMS. Students can enrol in the course and go through the course at any time they wish. Once they finish a lesson, they can continue to go to the next lesson and so on without any restriction of a time plan.


These ae training programmes with activities to learn how to use the tools or processes taught. Usually, they belong to the Online Live method but can be built on On-demand basis as well.