HR-TECH: Feedback Tools to Improve Engagement

Due to the HR technological advances, companies can now step ahead with well-thought-out plans to maximise employee involvement. The evolving HR developments would promote the usage of tools and survey platforms for employee interaction to collect employee perceptions and input.

Employee satisfaction surveys can allow you to communicate and encourage interaction and sustainability for your employees. These feedback instruments can allow management to consider the needs of staff and to implement corrective action measures to attract the best talent.

What is your organization doing about it?


case study

Krauss Maffei

Paycor’s employee self-service features and user-friendly solutions help Krauss Maffei keep their employees engaged.

Based in Florence, Kentucky, Krauss Maffei is among the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery for processing plastics and rubber—and they’ve been in business for more than 180 years.

With their previous HR & payroll provider, they spent hours every week on administrative HR tasks rather than strategic initiatives. Employee PTO was tracked and approved in spreadsheets, updating employee information was time consuming and payroll errors were prevalent during each pay run. To make matters worse, their HR staff were so overwhelmed by the manual work involved with open enrolment every year that they implemented a passive enrolment where employee benefits simply rolled over.