HR-TECH: Digital Platforms for Employee Experience

Employees now demand much more than simply fair wages and an optimal working atmosphere. Employees should not hesitate to analyse and assess their workplace community, job practises, development prospects, benefits and more on blogs such as Glassdoor, Yes, etc. for employment review.

In these platforms, workers collectively express their perceptions that may influence their company’s image. Thus, the need for the hour is to enhance the experience of workers. International HR specialists propose that innovative HR technology solutions be used to boost the experience of workers.

Multiple HCM platforms have appeared in the industry with the accelerated digital transition, but there are very few that offer the required employee experience. This business HR technologies are extremely scalable and configurable, but there is a shortage of capacity for personnel interaction and growth. A change in emphasis to employee engagement systems can be seen in the year 2020.

It is a single location to design, control, and measure all employee experiences around the organisation, as described by Josh Bersin in a paper. The expense and time expended on designing custom employee portals, implementing back-end systems, validating security, and measuring service transactions through several backend systems will be significantly minimised by these platforms.

The Employee Engagement Platforms help businesses to develop a multi-step, multi-flow process, align it with both IT and HR apps, and extract the customer from the complexities behind the scenes.

It also serves as an employee destination, a place to find solutions, interact, and exchange knowledge, as well as a range of resources to build and handle cases, guide questions to the right entity or community, and gain perspectives over time.”

The Employee Engagement Platforms would include automated approaches in an intuitive way to handle coaching, job growth, benefits administration, onboarding, success management and payroll on a common framework.
In the coming years, with the advancement of these platforms, we can see a drastic transition in the way organisations adopt technologies and handle systems to motivate workers, especially during the Covid-19 nd post Covid-19 working conditions in which Work From Home (WFH) will become a formidable format for many organizations.

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