AI-driven technologies will offer enormous innovation in sectors such as banking, finance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transport, social media, etc. in the year 2020. AI would be embraced by companies and used in recruiting and hiring processes. With the following benefits, AI-powered solutions will rule in the year ahead.

Time saving-Chatbots are the conversational interface platforms, regarded as the dream assistant, that save time and speed up the recruitment process by answering the applicants’ most popular questions. AI would eliminate repetitive activities, thereby allowing companies to make quicker recruiting decisions and enhance the experience of applicants.

Faster screening of candidates: It takes time and effort to screen a wide pool of applicants. Candidate shortlisting and screening, if properly done, take up almost 23 hours of a recruiter’s time for a single hire. Based on the job description and skills, AI driven recruitment solutions can aid in filtering high volumes of resumes and pre-qualifying candidates. AI-driven recruiting solutions will help in filtering high volumes of resumes and pre-qualifying applicants based on the job requirement and skills.

Quality recruitment:The quality of applicants will increase with impartial screening and selection of candidates through AI and companies will see a more successful and talented workforce in the coming year.

The #HR:Workshop course discusses and teaches the participants on how to use technological tools such as this in your Recruitment & Selection role.

Executive Director

A highly rated trainer, career counsellor, executive coach, human resources consultant, motivational speaker and a thought leader on contemporary HR and Leadership concepts.

CEO of the HR Consulting firm TRIKONSULT and Managing Director of the pioneering out bound training company TASK ADVENTURE. Has more than 30 year HR experience and held senior management positions as Group General Manager–HR for Browns Group and Group Training Manager-Carson Cumberbatch companies.

course facilitator

Ajith Bopitiya

course objectives

At the end of this #HR:Workshop participants will be able to:

workshop details

* Off-line, classroom workshop for corporate clients is a 1-day course with pre-workshop tasks.
* Online-live workshop is 6 x 1-hour sessions spread over 3 weeks.

Course Fee

Professional fees for conducting this Corporate #HR:Workshop (offline-classroom) - LKR.80,000 (USD.400) for maximum group size of 15 pax.