This is the affiliates section of the ASPAC HR ACADEMY.

If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel.

If you are not an affiliate but wish to become one, you will need to apply. To apply, you must be registered. If you have an existing account with ASPAC HR ACADEMY, please log in. If not, please register.


You can apply to become an Affiliate and promote our courses within your network. Recommended students get a special “Promoter’s Discount” because they are enrolling through you and you will also benefit by our scheme.

Referral fees range from 10% to 15% depending on the course / programme. The revenue share is based on the amount paid by the student to the Academy as per the payment plan they opt-in and on realisation of funds. You can always know about the students referred by you when you visit your Affiliate account page.